PT. Biotech International   PT.BIOTECH   INTERNATIONAL manufactures FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) Septic Tank that serves to help overcome the environmental pollution from domestic waste. Biotech Septic Tank comes with a filter and a media that function to process domestic waste into environmentally friendly waste. Bio green Septic Tank is environmentally friendly and has been widely used by many projects located in Jakarta and surrounding areas as well as in many towns there are in Indonesia.    


icon_xPlan   Advantages of Biotech Septic Tank


  • Waste processed as standard government
  • Practical and easy installation
  • No special care required
  • Using Biological Technology System
  • Biotech production using the standard ASME RTP 01
  • Using the specially designed BIOTECH's Media Cell
  • Service warranty for 10 years
factory__r1066109071   Our Facilities :


  • Engineering design, Factory, Machinery
  • Factory Area 15.000 sq with 7 (seven) buildings for production
  • Production use Helical Filament Winding Process with computerized system
  • Man power more than 120 persons
Septic tank Biotech International RCX Series Septic Tank Portable Toilet and STP Biotech
Biotech International Septic Tank Factory BT and RC Series Septic Tank STP-RCO-Series-Biotech